Welcome to the "new" Yaffle

Yaffle has gotten an upgrade. With new functionality and an updated user experience, Yaffle is better equipped than ever before to connect people who have shared interests, from both the public and within Memorial University. Whether you’re looking for partners for an existing project or you’ve got a possible new opportunity in mind, Yaffle can help introduce you to like-minded people & organizations, and their networks.  


Yaffle captures the work that is happening at Memorial University. Projects like research, public engagement, and teaching and learning can all be found here. Those looking to collaborate can search through Opportunities. Students interested in studying at Memorial can find potential supervisors, and media are able to find an expert to talk to. There’s something for everyone at Yaffle!


It's simpler than ever before to navigate Yaffle. Simply click "I Want to" and you can get started browsing content, updating your profile, or entering your own projects or opportunities! Alternatively, click on the map to the right to start browsing projects by location. The site is still under construction - we're still working on making Yaffle the best user experience possible. We appreciate any feedback you have to offer - simply click on the feedback box in the lower right corner of your screen to report any issues, suggest improvements, or to offer praise for the new site!

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