Water Analytics Research Consortium (WARC)

Phone Number: 
T 709 864 8776
230 Elizabeth Avenue

The Water Analytics Research Consortium (WARC) is an alliance of scientists, research institutions and other organizations and individuals concerned with water quality and its implications for public health and ecosystems.

The objectives of WARC are:


•           to facilitate the research activities of its members,

•           to promote collaborative efforts among members,

•           to identify and articulate joint research funding mechanisms, and

•           to pool resources and unite expertise to respond to water quality challenges.


We aim to identify collaborative research opportunities and promote a coordinated and strategic approach to applying for research resources. In addition, WARC is able to facilitate the coordination of research management toward the commercial application of research. We also aim to establish and support multidisciplinary communities of practice that address key challenges in water quality in order to protect and sustain Canada's watersheds and ecosystems which promote the health of Canadians.