S.L.I.C.E. Service Learning In Community Engagement Research Exchange Group


Launched on March 19, 2017 this NLACHR Research Exchange Group brings together people working in the health sciences and in other university disciplines and those who work in community organizations with an interest in health equity. Its goals are to uncover ways we can engage students in creative, meaningful interdisciplinary projects based on the principles of service learning and community-enagaged research.


Service Learning refers to any teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, to teach civic responsibility, and to strengthen communities. Memorial University is, and always has been, home to students and staff who make community engagement a fundamental element of their research and teaching activities. They are responsive, collaborative and respectful of the needs and contributions of community, drawing on the knowledge and resources of everyone involved.


Through this group, we will host conversations between academic departments and community groups in order to gain a deeper understanding of our mutual interests and the potential for improved partnerships and collaboration. The idea is for the group to become a catalyst for: improving engagement between community organizations and the university with a focus on identifying and responding to community needs, and identifying, increasing and improving community-responsive service learning and meaningful applied research opportunities for students at Memorial.


The group is co-convened by Dr. Jill Allison, Faculty of Medicine and Elayne Greeley, Partnership Broker with CEC (employmentcollaboration.ca)