Addressing Demographic Change on the Burin Peninsula: Population Attraction and Retention


As is the case with most areas of rural Newfoundland and Labrador, the Burin Peninsula and its communities are struggling to deal with its changing demographics. The population has declined sharply over the past 20 years, its aging, and there are fewer youth and young families living here. Our towns, community based organizations and employers have no choice to but adapt and deal with these changes. These changes are impacting the region’s labour supply, volunteer pool and the types of services required to service the population.

The Burin Peninsula Regional Council of the Rural Secretariat would like to embark on a research project that clearly outlines the demographic changes occurring in the region and the issues and opportunities that accompany these changes. The project would then explore how the region and its towns, community groups and employers can best adapt and change to better deal with these changes. In exploring the means by which the region could deal with these changes the following questions should be addressed:

1) How can the region make the best of the demographic changes and issues it is facing and also take advantage of any opportunities it may bring?

2) How should the region revitalize itself to make it a more desirable place to live?
o What makes people want to live here? What attracts them here? What services, activities, amenities, etc. are needed? What type(s) of lifestyle are people looking for?
o How do we attract people here and get them to stay?
o Can regional collaboration assist communities with the impacts of demographic change?

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