Cultivating Stewardship and Promoting Oceanographic Technology Among the Young People Around Placentia Bay


To use the SmartBay web site as a tool to help facilitate and cultivate stewardship among students in Placentia Bay.

There is a need for school age young people to develop ownership of their region, to gain knowledge of it and to become stewards of it. The SmartBay web site, [] gathers oceanographic and weather data to share with stakeholders in the region. This information can be used to promote greater environmental awareness and safety in the high activity area of Placentia Bay. The Placentia Bay Integrated Management Committee supports the SmartBay project and would like to promote it as a tool to help cultivate stewardship among stakeholders and especially among students, the next generation.

Roles for Memorial University:
To provide curriculum guidance and identify appropriate grade levels to use the SmartBay web site. To help develop a module that uses interactive learning methods with the aim to bridge the gap between the children of Placentia Bay, the peculiar environmental positioning of the busy waterway and the state of the art technology being employed there as a result of the Smart Bay Project.

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