Finding the Energy Solution for Southern Labrador



To address the problem of limited energy reserves in Southern Labrador and create a new energy model.


Southern Labrador (Cartwright to Lodge Bay) is an area with limited energy reserves. All communities rely on diesel generated power that operates at maximum capacity. The cost, unreliability and lack of availability is one the major deterrents to growth in the region. Power is subsidized by government, and to reduce the financial burden to the province wind energy has been discussed, but will not will not reduce the cost to the consumer, is unstable and still requires diesel stations to provide back-up power. We believe an energy model can be developed that will identify the infrastructure required to produce current and future demands for power for the region. It is estimated that 10-12 megawatts of power will adequately supply the energy demands of the district (Cartwright - L'Anse au Clair).

Roles for Memorial University:

Solicit interest and target appropriate departments to research this project and provide solutions to Southern Labrador, including but not limited to, hydro-electric development with some of the smaller rivers in the region. The proposed research and development project would take a holistic approach and evaluate existing networks (ie. Lac Robinson Grid).

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