Water Quality Study of the Indian Bay Watershed


The Indian Bay Watershed covers approximately 700 square kilometers and is comprised of 14 large ponds and a number of smaller ponds. Water flows through the watershed system into the town’s water supply and then into the river that runs through the Town of Indian Bay draining into the ocean at the mouth of the river. Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation is looking to develop a water quality sampling program that would provide baseline data to determine the health of the overall water system (CCME water quality guidelines). The sampling program would determine key sites for sample collection, sampling schedule and frequency (i.e. season, rain vs. non-rain events), parameters for analysis (i.e. bacterial analysis, salts, sediments, temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, etc.). Findings from the study would be used to develop an ongoing water quality monitoring project for the Indian Bay Watershed. A benthic invertebrate survey can also be incorporated into the study, as benthic invertebrate communities are an indicator of water quality and overall health. Findings of this study would be invaluable to the municipality when addressing issues surrounding the town’s drinking water and land use development and planning.

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