Development of a theatre play about the Granite Coast


There are numerous colourful characters in the Southwest NL region, and a play could be created that depicts any or all of their lives and the history of the area. This could help attract tourists to the region and promote the local culture.

Perhaps the most famous locals are the Harveys, a family who, along with their Newfoundland dog, Hairy Man, saved almost 200 people from the whirling waters four miles east of the old island of Isle au Morts. Another famous local is accordionist Minnie White from the Codroy Valley, a wife and mother who, as a senior citizen, emerged as an important influence in traditional Newfoundland and Labrador music. And, of course, there are the stories of Lauchie MacDougall, the human wind gauge, who saved so many people from possible train disasters at the Wreckhouse.

With the Marine Atlantic ferry bringing hundreds of thousands to Port aux Basques each year, there is the potential to lure visitors away from the Trans-Canada Highway and into local communities.

The project partner is looking for someone from Memorial to research and write a theatre piece that could form the cornerstone of a tourism attraction in Isle aux Morts and on the southwest coast. Part of what makes this such an interesting opportunity is that there is so much information about the potential subjects in the area.

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