Promoting Art Through Information Technology (E-commerce) in the Coast of Bays Region



To enhance artistic production in the Coast of Bays region through information technology and to promote the art industry as a knowledge-based industry.


The Coast of Bays region consists of 22 communities with artisans throughout producing various products. There are a few businesses established and selling their products provincially, nationally and internationally. However, with the technology of the day, artisans in the region could increase their sales dramatically. Many of the artisans do not see the opportunities that exist through e-commerce and have failed to incorporate it into their marketing plans. Training in information technology and e-commerce would enhance their opportunities and promote artistic production as a knowledge-based industry.

Roles for Memorial University:

We would like Memorial to investigate the current practices of e-commerce and identify best practices and training requirements for artisans. After presenting these findings to the artisans, the final goal would be to offer them training in e-commerce.

Anticipated costs: researcher, facilitator, meetings costs, training costs.

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