Effective community responses to housing shortages in rural areas


There is a need to explore what are the best practices in rural areas for addressing housing needs. Also, we need to understand what the policy, economic and social barriers are to providing adequate housing, especially for vulnerable populations. In the Port aux Basques area, the housing needs are complex and there is a significant shortage of housing for vulnerable populations including women and seniors. Some of the barriers identified are the lack of land development policy, along with a lack of incentives to be a developer, land lord or to develop social housing. There is also a problem of perceptions around homelessness in rural areas where homelessness is less visible than in urban areas. Housing needs are also a barrier to educational programs such as faculty medicine that find it impossible to meet the housing needs of students placed in their communities.

Newfoundland and Labrador
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Stephenville - Port aux Basques
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Zone 10 - Marine and Mountain
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