Finding a best use for Tim Hortons coffee grinds in St. John's, NL


The Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Agriculture has been contacted by a local farmer who is currently collecting coffee grinds in the city from Tim Hortons restaurants.

In total, the farmer collects 12-15 tonnes a week; about 800 tonnes a year. His goal is to compost the grinds for agricultural use. However, this large amount of grinds is difficult to manage and the compost results in an acidic product.

The group is looking for a researcher who can help determine the best methods for composting the grinds an the right applications for the compost for agricultural use.

This research project could include testing the grinds, mixtures and concentrations to determine the best possibilities for it to be of use and successful as an agricultural application. It could also include determining the best application for the existing compost material (ie. which crops respond to an acidic environment).

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