Levels of Resource Support for Arts in Newfoundland and Labrador



To determine what resources (money and aid in kind) are allocated to the arts by: 
three levels of governments, the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council, private foundations, businesses etc. 
How the arts are supported (donations, grants, sponsorships), and what is supported (core operating costs, administrative costs, programming, sustainability initiatives etc.). 


To review and analyze any similar survey projects in North America and elsewhere. 

To assemble a group of key informants (contributors and recipients) to develop detailed terms of reference. 

To develop methods to best retrieve information central to this study/survey. 

To determine what the businesses, government and foundations currently allocate to the arts. 

To identify what types of arts organizations/artists secure support and amounts. 

To identify art forms that secure the most support and why. 

To identify art forms that secure the least support and why. 

To compare per capita public and private sector support to the arts in NL with other jurisdictions in Canada and elsewhere. 

To describe innovative and exceptional ways of supporting the arts in NL. 

To identify contributing sectors which contribute optimally, could/should do more, do nothing. 

To review contributing criteria and percentage allocated to arts compared to other recipients. 

To analyze data and information retrieved in a report with recommendations.

Arts, Culture & Heritage
Social Responsibility
Economic Development
Nonprofit Organizations
Industry Sectors 
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
Performing Arts, Spectator Sports and Related Industries
Public Administration
Start date 
8 Oct 2015