Herring Fat Content Analysis



To determine the fat content of locally harvested herring in Southern Labrador for future industry developments.


The herring fishery can provide more value through the cultivation of herring fat for fish oil, however a study of the fish is needed to determine its fat content. Herring samples will be collected throughout the fishing season (June to October) in an effort to establish a time series of data regarding the fat content of locally harvested herring. Samples will be frozen and transported to the Labrador Shrimp Company plant at L’Anse au Loup for analysis. Sample size and sampling detail and protocol will be determined by project partners in consultation with DFO Science, MI and MUN prior to project start up.

Roles for Memorial University:

DFA in cooperation with MUN will assign a student to work with Labrador Shrimp Company staff to collect and record sample data as well as conduct other necessary field work.

Cost Estimate: $25,000.00 Complete budget details must be worked out prior to project start-up.

L'Anse au Loup, Labrador
Newfoundland and Labrador
Rural Secretariat Regions 
Economic Zones 
Zone 5 - Labrador Straits
Processing, Secondary