Fixed Link across the Straits


There is an interest throughout the province in building a fixed link, as there are many potential benefits, such as lowering the cost of goods. A study is needed that would look at the cost of building a fixed link across the straits. The study should look at the cost and options, but also be a cost-benefit analysis of the tunnel to the rest of the island in terms of potential impacts on tourism, transportation of goods, food markets and so on. The study should also look at the infrastructure needs on both side of the tunnel as the current road system is not adequate to carry the potential traffic that would come through the tunnel. There was a cost-benefit analysis completed in 2004; however, this needs to be updated. Gerald could follow up with the Board of Trade to see if they have an official position on the issue.

Rural Secretariat Regions 
St. Anthony - Port au Choix
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Zone 6 - Nordic
Zone 7 - Red Ochre
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Transportation and Warehousing