Capital access for young entrepreneurs and small business start-ups


Many young entrepreneurs and recent graduates are looking for opportunities. Because of their heavy student debts and lack of credit history, many of these same youth cannot get access to capital in order to start a business or begin the development of new products or services. Though there are many programs for students and recent graduates to start businesses in major centers, such as Corner Brook and St. John’s, there are less available to youth in rural areas. The goal of this project would be to create a program that provides access to business advice, mentorship, and capital for youth in rural areas. This project would include the development of an asset map for rural areas, creating a program for educating rural based business people in the benefits of investing capital in new business opportunities.

Rural Secretariat Regions 
St. Anthony - Port au Choix
Economic Zones 
Zone 6 - Nordic
Zone 7 - Red Ochre
Start date 
2 Sep 2014