Develop and Distribute a Master Plan for the St. Vincent's Beach / Holyrood Pond Area



To research, write and distribute a plan for the care of this area in St. Mary's Bay.


The St. Vincent's Beach and Holyrood Pond area is in need of a master plan to outline how to take care of, and better operate in, the area. The plan should discuss how to deal with different issues in the area, such as oil spill response, ice reseach, ocean harvesting, fish enterprise, and other large projects. A master plan would help guide those in the area in sustaining the natural resources there and maintain the health of the wildlife. The plan will be useful to those in the communities surrounding the area, as well as have potential for tourism endeavours.

Roles for Memorial University:

Research the St. Vincent's Beach and Holyrood Pond area, compile a report and distribute it so others can use the information preserve the area.

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