Audience Development for tourism sites in Western Newfoundland


There is existing visitor data for the area, especially in Gros Morne National Park; however, this data needs to be reviewed and used in the best way possible to help develop the tourism audience. More data also needs to be collected on what the visitors to the area do, if they can Harris Centre Regional Workshop: Western Newfoundland 18 be contacted in the future, what they would like to see happening with respect to tourism, etc. Perhaps Memorial could become involved in studying this topic by collecting existing data from Parks Canada, local festivals and others, and collecting new data as needed. 

Gros Morne National Park
Newfoundland and Labrador
Economic Zones 
Zone 7 - Red Ochre
Zone 8 - Humber
Zone 9 - Long Range
Zone 10 - Marine and Mountain
Tourism and Recreation
Industry Sectors 
Accommodation and Food Services
Air Transportation
Water Transportation
Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation
Start date 
27 Oct 2015