Integrated approaches to natural resource management in Western Newfoundland


The management of ocean, coastal and land based resources seems to be very fragmented, as decision-makers, stakeholders and users may not be aware of what is going on in other sectors or geographical areas and how they affect each other. We need a better understanding of how different sectors can work together to better manage natural resources. A study could be completed on what integrated management practices have been attempted in the region, how they functioned, and what may be needed in the future. In addition, this research could examine what policies and programs are implemented elsewhere, and whether these could be applicable to the region. Perhaps a forum to discuss this research and these issues could be organized, which would include researchers from Memorial. 

Economic Zones 
Zone 7 - Red Ochre
Zone 8 - Humber
Zone 9 - Long Range
Zone 10 - Marine and Mountain
Natural Resources
Industry Sectors 
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
Start date 
27 Oct 2015