Volunteer rejuvenation in the rural context in Western Newfoundland


There are numerous questions about volunteerism that could be researched in the region. What is the current context for volunteerism? What are they doing within organizations or what would organizations like them to be doing? Where are they volunteering? Who is volunteering? Who else could be volunteering? How can new volunteers be recruited and retained, especially those who are difficult to engage? How can organizations manage volunteers in an effective manner? How do volunteer experiences vary in different communities? What is the role of province-wide organizations, such as the community sector council or the Harris Centre (Yaffle)? What are the best practices elsewhere that could be applied to the region? 

Newfoundland and Labrador
Rural Secretariat Regions 
Corner Brook - Rocky Harbour
Stephenville - Port aux Basques
Nonprofit Organizations
Start date 
27 Oct 2015