Marketing the Limestone Barrens: An Assessment of Marketing and Collaboration Opportunities for the Limestone Barrens, Great Northern Peninsula (GNP), Newfoundland



To assess marketing and collaboration opportunities for the Limestone Barrens


Scientists have identified the Limestone Barrens on the GNP of Newfoundland as a "rare and fragile ecosystem." The LBHSP, in conjunction with its many partners, aim to protect this area. These barrens, considered the "hotspot" of plant diversity in the province, host three endemic plant Species at Risk. Goals of the program include stewardship, education, awareness and ecotourism for a sustainable future for GNP communities.

The LBHSP proposes to assess opportunities for marketing and partnerships to further benefit the program and the region. There should be a regional & sustainable approach to these activities. The assessment should show the capacity or potential for collaboration for the project. Any new partnerships or marketing projects should generate interest about the region and benefit local businesses and the community in general.

Roles for Memorial University:

To research opportunities for collaboration and marketing initiatives for the LBHSP region. The assessment would show the potential for development with this unique region of the province.

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