Waste Management and the Utilization of By-Products in the Aquaculture Industry


To investigate best practices in waste management and byproduct use in the aquaculture industry.

Waste management of by products in the aquaculture industry is a huge issue, particularly since the amount of waste will continue to grow as the industry expands. The availability of land fill is pressing but using waste in productive ways may help. Currently fish offal is one example of a by product being used as feed by the fur industry, but the amount of offal produced will soon exceed those demands. Byproducts can be used in a myriad of ways, from secondary processing of remaining fish, to silage which removes the potentially lucrative fish oils, to the lowest but still marketable return, composting. Morts (dead fish), mussel shells and forms of inorganic waste are also a consideration. There is potential for businesses to step in to this sector, but establishing best practices and possible solutions is the first step. Research is needed.

Roles for Memorial University:
To provide current research in this area and continue work on use of byproducts and waste management.

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