Manuels River Local History Project


The Manuels River Interpretation Centre is looking for researchers to help capture the stories the collective community holds of its river. 

The Manuels River Interpretation Centre is all about history - prehistory, in fact, given the 500-million year old trilobite fossils the area is known for. But the centre has also become a place to capture the more recent history of the area with a unique exhibit of oral histories related to the river and how people have used it, enjoyed it and benefited from it over the years. "In some ways the interpretation centre has become a sort of community centre, with lots of engaged families, programs for children and seniors, and a place for people to gather and learn more about their community" said Laura King, science outreach manager at the centre. "Our history exhibit has a few stories already that tells about how the river once supported an eel fishery and was considered a luxurious vacation spot back in the day." 

The centre would like to tell more of these stories, Ms. King explains. "Older people in the community have a very close relationship to the river - they know what the flats were used for and what they used to do at the canyon, and we'd like to capture those stories and preserve them, so young people can hear them and learn about the important role the river has played in shaping their community". 

The centre is looking to Memorial researchers to help them capture those stories. 

"We'd like to work with some interested researchers at the university and engage the community in the process of collecting the stories" said Ms. King. "We'd like to host a day-long event where people could come in and share their stories at a Manuels River Local History Day event". 

With the help of researchers, the group hopes to collect audio files and properly document and display the stories in an exhibit. The group is also interested in having a geographer help to map the stories, so people can also see exactly what point on, or near, the river the story relates to. 

(This article can be found in "Yaffle Your Next Project" of the MUN Gazette, by Cathy Newhook, Oct 14th 2015 edition.)

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