Sustainable Indigenous Tourism in Flat Bay


Flat Bay is 98% Self-Identified Mi'kmaq, stand alone self-governed community. No'kmaq Village (Flat Bay Band Inc.) We have been incorporated since 1972 and are the oldest band and cultural mentor in the province. We are a non-profit village council developing the native community of Flat Bay E, W & St. Teresa, representing our Mikmaq people & citizenship.

Project Sunset, is a Social-Economic-Enterprise planning initiative of No'kmaq Village. Revenue will be invested back into the community in the form of cultural services and further social & economic development initiatives. Our tourism strategy is aligned with the Qalipu First Nation, Miawpuke'k and other provincial tourism strategies.

The vision of our strategy is to be THE Mi'kmaq Tourism destination on the island of Newfoundland. We have already accomplished this by hosting one of the largest powwows in Atlantic Canada on an annual basis. In partnership with the Bay St. George Cultural Revival Committee (BSGCRC),we host 8,000 to 10,000 visitors who come from all over the world to our 3 day annual powwow, located in heart of the native community of Flat Bay (West coast of NL). For eleven years, these visitors have been voicing that they are seeking longer term, year-round vacation access and accommodations garnished with experiences of the Mi'kmaq culture and our traditional ways of life.

The main focus of our vision, will be to meet the needs of visitors and highlight the unique tourism experiences that we can offer. We can provide a whole village events itinerary package to guests, as they come here throughout the year. The itinerary could encompass all the local traditional/cultural activities and events that already happen in the community or can be upgraded for a sophisticated and authentic experience. We can partner with local people and resources already in place, help them build capacity to meet the sophisticated and authentic experience that visitors are seeking and support their own economic return in the local tourism industry. We are willing to partner/support every community resource so as to reduce our operational costs while significantly increasing the visitors itinerary and meeting their versatile interests.

At this point we are attempting to back up our plan with the necessary research that will allow us to provide funder and partner organizations with solid numbers regarding the feasibility of Flat Bay as a Mi'kmaq tourism destination.

Lead Organization 
Flat Bay
Rural Secretariat Regions 
Stephenville - Port aux Basques
Economic Zones 
Zone 9 - Long Range
Start date 
13 Mar 2017