Inventory native bee species in Labrador


With the exception of limited, desk-top, data-mining using archival sources (e.g., by Cory Scheffield) and fieldwork by Laura Siegwart Collier, a biology student at Memorial University who collected Vaccinium pollinators in the Torngat region, very little is known about the native bee species in Labrador. The full diversity of Bombus and non-Bombus native bee species needs to be determined, as well as an assessment of their distribution and abundance. There is an urgent need for such inventory work given the imminent re-introduction of Apis mellifera colonies to Upper Lake Melville and other parts of Labrador and the need to conduct a risk assessment with respect to possible pathogen spillover from A. mellifera to Bombus species. Climate change related research also requires the establishment of baseline inventories of the native bee species of Labrador (see below).

Start date 
5 Apr 2017