Inventory native bee species on the Island of Newfoundland


With the exception of limited, desk-top, data-mining using archival sources (e.g., by Cory Scheffield) and inventory work by Barry Hicks (2015), very little is known about the native bee species on the Island of Newfoundland. The full diversity of Bombus and non-Bombus native bee species needs to be determined, as well as an assessment of their distribution and abundance. There is an urgent need for such inventory work given the rapid growth in commercial and hobby apiculture on the Island and the need to better understand possible pathogen spillover between A. mellifera and Bombus species there. Additional inventory research regarding the native bee species of Island Newfoundland is required to support other research related to baseline pathogen profiles of these bees, climate change, and long-term monitoring of native bee health and abundance.

Start date 
5 Apr 2017