A field study of our northernmost wild pollinator species


With the exception of limited, desk-top, data-mining using archival sources (e.g., by Cory Scheffield) and fieldwork by Laura Siegwart Collier, a biology student at Memorial University who collected Vaccinium pollinators in the Torngat region, very little is known about the native bee species in Labrador. These research efforts point to the presence of B. sandersoni, B. frigidus, B. mixtus, B. ternarius, B. sylvicola, B. melanopygus, B. polaris, B. balteatus, B. hyperboreus, B. terricola, and B. bohemicus in Labrador (Williams, et al., 2014). People interested in climate change research with an entomological orientation may wish to focus their research on the aforementioned species found in Labrador. http://nlbeekeeping.ca/data/documents/NLBKA_research_priorities29mar2017...

Start date 
5 Apr 2017