Conne River Atlantic Salmon Investigations with Emphasis on Assessment of Bay D’Espoir Fjord



To assess Bay D’Espoir Fjord to determine the importance of the fjord to the survival of the Conne River Atlantic salmon stocks


Surveys in conjunction with DFO over nearly twenty-five years have indicated that this area is important to the survival of the Conne River salmon stocks which are in decline. There is evidence that kelts rejuvenate in the fjord and reconditioned kelts (repeat spawners) make up approximately 18% of the run to the Conne River. Smolts also spend considerable time in the area and it has been established that the majority spend only one winter at sea. Stocks on the Conne continue to decline and it is important to identify the causes, the importance of this area to the survival of the stock, and to take measures that may reverse this trend.

Roles for Memorial University

To provide scientific support and direction for the study. This has potential for a PhD. student or post doc. The Miawpukek First Nation has resources for in kind support, including boats, nets and people who have worked with DFO. They are also interested in building capacity for support of this study. In conjunction with DFO the Aboriginal Aquatic Resource and Oceans Management Program (AAROM) could provide support.

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