Let's Talk about Fur and the Millennial Consumer


The Millennial Consumer Perceptions about the North American Fur Industry
When 73% of Fashion Runways in New York, London, Paris and Milan in the 2015-16 Season incorporated fur into their Collections, leading to approximately $36 B (USD) or $49.5 B (CAD) in Global Fur Retail Sales, then why is the millennial consumer, the everyday North American and in particular Canadian millennial consumer still conflicted about purchasing and wearing fur garments and/or using valued-added products produced from fur bearing animals?
The connectivity Canada has to the Fur Sector dates back to the early 16th Century when the Fur Trade began as an adjunct to the Newfoundland Fishing Industry, bonding positive relationships with Indigenous peoples. It is evident that today fur is still very much a fashion item on the world stage and a strong economic generator, but yet the Fur Trade/Industry, a cornerstone in North America’s history and culture continues to struggle to reach the new generation of consumers in Canada and the United States. The millennial consumer is passionate about values, including the values of companies they will do business with and purchase products from. From the perspective of the millennial consumer, is it a lack of knowledge, understanding the truths and the socio-economic values of this Trade that questions them ethically about making these purchases?
Research has been and continues to be facilitated/measured pertaining to the environmental thumbprint of fur. Another critical element missing from research is the human impact, acknowledging and understanding the perspectives of millennial consumer behaviors…the future sustainability of the Fur Industry is dependent on it!

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16 Oct 2017
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16 Apr 2018