Evidence for Community Employment Services: What has had greatest impact from 2008-2018?


In the face of complex and unpredictable labour markets, clients with multiple barriers and limited resources, there has perhaps never been a time when an efficient, innovative and impactful employment service was more needed. Funders want to know that they are getting a strong return on investment and frontline employment services want the best possible outcomes for their clients, but current data management systems and professional support tools are limited and a culture of evaluation is not firmly established.

This project could demonstrate how evidence can act as a critical driver of innovation in the community employment sector and can lead to greater employment outcomes.

The results of this projects research could provide community employment services and their funders with the empirical basis for responding to the ultimate questions:
1. What interventions in what contexts with what client profiles produce what results…?
2. How can this data be used to create system efficiencies and ensure services meet priority client needs and result in the outcomes clients and funders want?

Possible goals are twofold:
• Create the necessary systems to support evidence-based employment services and engender a culture of evaluation and accountability in which both policy and practice are actively informed and strengthened by data;
• Build the confidence and capacity of the sector to be innovative in its development of services, strategic in its delivery and impactful with respect to priority client outcomes.

Start date 
5 Mar 2018