Does your organization need help with a research question or program evaluation?


Students from the Applied Psychological Science Program (MPSc.) are now seeking projects that may need research/evaluation expertise and assistance (pro bono) for this coming semester. The Applied Psychological Science Graduate Program trains students to design, analyse and interpret research, to conduct surveys, focus groups, interviews, and to evaluate social programs (in the past, they have done projects with health, the justice system and the law, advertising and the media, education, organizations and work, etc.).

These students have had extensive training in conducting research reviews and interpreting research critically and this project aspires to give them experience in actually conducting some aspect of a research project in an applied setting, while contributing to the research needs of an organization. The research does not have to be evaluation or even evaluation-oriented; it could be your organization simply has a question you would like answered ( this might involve
designing and administering a survey or conducting focus groups or
identifying and interviewing clients, designing a research project,
etc.). Clients in the past have included Stella's Circle, Food First, Shea Heights Community Health Centre, the RNC, MUN School of Nursing, St. John's Boy and Girls Club, the Autism Scoiety of Nl, to name a few.

Students, working in pairs, will work over the semester, contributing about 10-15 hours a week, and report back to their class each week, the class acting as a consulting group, supervised by a professor. This program has proven to be a highly successful learning experience for students, while contributing student expertise to many deserving projects.

If you have a project and are interested in learning more/setting up an evaluation, please contact the program director, Dr. Cathryn Button:

Start date 
17 Sep 2019
End date 
18 Dec 2019