Load management programs for Newfoundland island


To whom it may concern
Subject: green and manageable electrical energy scheduling for the Lovely Newfoundland island

This is Majid Bahmanzadeh. I have studied electrical power systems and markets in my both bachelor and master courses and every professional study after that. I see an interesting research subject in this field for the lovely Newfoundland island which is shortly headlined as follows. (please let me know how to send you my CV and previous publications).

Energy transmission to islands has always been a costly, inefficient challenge by which energy security and costs are affected severely. The islands’ loads are mainly residential and also tourist based which leads to a highly variable load profile. On the other hand, Renewable Energy Sources (RESs) and new types of electrical consumers such as Electrical Vehicle’s Charging Stations (EVCSs) are growing fast. This provides an excellent opportunity to develop a methodological framework for deploying these resources to improve energy security and environmental-friendly usage of resources in a lower total cost.

Proposed research would first investigate the existing power grid, load characteristic and islands geography to evaluate their potentials. And then develops a framework for RES feasibility and planning and also load management programming.

If this is also of your interests, please let me know to provide a well detailed scheme of this idea.

Best regards
Majid Bahmanzadeh

Start date 
1 Jan 2020
End date 
30 Dec 2023