Custom Knife Blade Design and Prototyping - Lumpfish Hump Removal


Lumpfish are used in aquaculture as a natural clean fish that removes parasites off of salmon. Once they reach a certain size, they are killed and thrown into the landfill.

The humps of the lumpfish (see picture here: ) are very high in collagen, a valuable marine feedstock.

3F Waste Recovery is looking for an engineering inclined student with 3D design skills to design and prototype a lumpfish removal blade; a manual one with a handle and a blade(s) suitable for integration into a mechanized solution.

Depending on skills/scope of project, royalty agreement opportunity is on the table.

Lead Organization 
Partner Organization 
Newfoundland and Labrador
Industry Sectors 
Food Manufacturing
Chemical Manufacturing
Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
Start date 
1 Jul 2020
End date 
30 Sep 2020