The Impact of Employment Insurance on Businesses on the Great Northern Peninsula



To explore the problems facing businesses on the Great Northern Peninsula as a result of the current Employment Insurance program, and to suggest alternatives to this program.


The subject of EI can be a very sensitive issue, however, there is a need to address the problems it is causing for communities. The current EI system is based on a work period of 14 weeks. Once a person has worked this 14 weeks, she/he is eligible to collect EI. This often means that people will work for 14 weeks and then quit their job. This makes it difficult for businesses to retain workers, and in some cases to get them at all (some jobs in the tourism industry are shorter than 14 weeks). The current EI system is not working for the region. A new system is needed that will create incentives for people to remain in the workforce.

Roles for Memorial University:

Research the impacts that the current Employment Insurance system is having on communities
Research EI systems in other places that may be useful to look at for NL
Propose an alternative method for doing EI that creates incentives for people to remain working.

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