Labrador/Island Transmission Link: Environmental Assessment Review and impact on municipal and public infrastructure in the Labrador Straits region


The Labrador Straits region will be impacted by the proposed Labrador/Island transmission link. The LSDC has received participant funding from the CEAA to engage in the EA process which is currently occurring.

Among other impacts, the LSDC and partners anticipate impacts to municipal infrastructure and services especially during the construction period. The LSDC and partners require the services of a researcher with a knowledge base in municipal infrastructure and services to help the region understand the potential impacts of the project and identify measures to mitigate or eliminate these negative impacts and to help identify ways in which the region can prepare.

Tasks will include:
1) reviewing the scope of the project with specific analysis of activity in the Labrador Straits region
2) review relevant component studies released by Nalcor Energy to the Dept of Environment
3) Provide feedback to analysis to a local committee
4) Assist local committee in formulating responses to relevant component studies in a time sensitive manner
5) Review relevant areas of EIS and comprehensive review to be released and assist in formulating comments to the EA process in a time sensitive manner.

Some key questions:

What will be the impacts on municipal infrastructure?
Land Use...will there be requirements for camps, storage yards, contractor facilities
Impact on water and sewer
Will camps be just anywhere/ can they go in municipalities and be serviced to reduce impacts?
Is our municipal and other public infrastructure ready?
What about lands between communities?
Will permits be issued?
How do we control what happens in terms of land use?
Should we have a regional land use plan?

How can we(region and Nalcor) mitigate, eliminate and /or prepare?

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Zone 5 - Labrador Straits
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