Conception Bay Central Regional Services Study


Historically the communities in the Conception Bay Central region (Holyrood, Harbour Main-Lakeview-Chapel’s Cove, Avondale, Conception Harbour, Colliers and Marysvale) have not been able to agree on the sharing of municipal services or provide project support on a regional basis. The Conception Bay Central Economic Development Committee (CBC EDC) was born out of this historical precedent as community members and local leaders have begun to realize this is causing their communities to stagnate.

In light of shrinking tax bases in several communities, they are having trouble providing services to their populations, while other communities are experiencing small economic booms and growth and pressure from other regions to combine services.

The purpose of this project is to determine the cost and feasibility of these towns to combine their efforts and financial support on regionally based municipal services. Would it be cost effective and a have a positive benefit for all communities involved combining services such as fire protection, waste management, snow clearing, water and sewage, recycling, or any other municipal service? Would it be better for a few towns to combine on certain services and not others?

The Northeast Avalon Regional Economic Development Board (NEA REDB), in partnership with its municipal and community partners in the Conception Bay Central region, formed the CBC EDC in 2010. The committee is comprised of municipal and community representatives from the five towns and one local service district and is supported by NEA REDB. In consultation with residents of the region during the summer and fall of 2009 the CBC EDC has adopted a mandate, guiding principles and identified a number of priority initiatives.

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