Youth at Risk Profile - Trinity Conception


This is a community based research project started in September 2009. The Rural Secretariat has been working in collaboration with the Trinity Conception Youth Protocol Committee to develop a profile of youth in the region that may be characterized as "at risk". The Youth Protocol Committee is represented by both government and non-government youth service providers in the region. The outcome of this research may be used to build on existing capacity leading to enhanced services for youth in the region.

To date the project has been supported by two graduate students from the Applied Social Psychology Program, MUN, who have developed the survey tool/research methodology in consultation with the steering committee. Three students from the Community Studies Program, CNA have administered the survey. Approximately seven hundred surveys have been administered.

The current (final) stage of the project requires an individual to:

Clean data (which has been coded and entered into Excel)
Transfer data from excel to statistical software (e.g. SPSS, SAS, etc)
Carry out appropriate analysis (in consultation with steering committee)) on data (e.g. descriptives, frequencies, cross tabs, correlations, etc)
Summarize results. (Complete plain language summary of findings)
Draft final report

This work can be completed from St. John's however the individual will be required to meet with the Lead Partner on a regular basis.

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