The Feasibility / Viability Study of a Newfoundland and Labrador Fish Marketing Board



To complete a study into the benefits of a Newfoundland and Labrador Fish Marketing Board


The Fisheries and Aquaculture Working Group of the Schooner Regional Development Corporation (SRDC) Zone 16 on the Burin Peninsula, has identified the need for government to establish a Fish Marketing Board for the province. The industry has identified that a high portion of the profits are going to the fish buyers. The NL products are being lumped in with products from other provinces. A marketing board could identify a brand for the NL product. A marketing board would have the opportunity to sell the products when the market is more suitable for a lesser portion of the profit. A study into the meaningfulness of a marketing board, sustainability of the industry, and what would be the economic benefits to the province is required.

Roles for Memorial University:

Conduct industry research on the benefits of a provincial Marketing Board to the industry and the provincial economy.

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