Liquid Kelp Concentrate soil conditioner and foliar spray


Kelp has been used as a soil conditioner to grow crops for many generations. The available macro and micro nutrients for plant health and growth have been well documented. Typically kelp is spread over the garden in the fall and left until spring when it is tilled into the ground prior to planting new crops.

My opportunity consists of using kelp in a liquid concentrate form to condition soil and to be used as a foliar spray. I am having good practical results with this product. My next step is to demonstrate through science the reasons for these good results.

Kelp concentrate products currently on the market are produced by passing kelp through small mesh screens to produce a product which requires a high degree of dilution prior to application. My concentrate requires a much lower degree of dilution. Through testing I hope to determine the benefits of using my product on crops, lawns, trees and bedding plants.

My research tells me that approximately $9,000 will cover the costs of some initial testing on the liquid kelp concentrate. The objective is to develop a product which will reduce the amounts of commercial fertilizers being used by growers.

The target market for the product is: Greenhouse operators, home gardeners, golf courses, landscape companies and farmers.

If some assistance is available for my scientific research I would be most grateful.

Brian Yager, The Natural Gardener Inc.

Newfoundland and Labrador
Food Security
Organic foods
End date 
31 Dec 2015