Putting Sand to Work: Developing a Plan for Sand in Central Labrador



To research different uses for the unique sand in Central Labrador and develop new sand-related enterprises.


The large amount of sand in the Happy Valley and Lake Melville region is very fine and could be used to benefit many people. Possibilities range from using it in glass manufacturing, in health products, or as a non-slip agent for cities with icy conditions. Once a feasible use for the sand is determined, proper packaging and marketing plans should be developed. Packaging could include Labrador flag colours and marketing could focus on the environmental/health benefits of using the sand.

Roles for Memorial University:

There is a role for Memorial to research the benefits of this sand and develop business ideas and plans to use the sand in unique ways.

Happy Valley-Goose Bay
Newfoundland and Labrador
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Zone 3 - Central Labrador
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