Distance Education to the Fullest


Thinking about the technology what we had in the past and think about how can the technology change in time. In time before, we did not have no Internet for students or teachers to connect with the entire world. Before the day where someone created a tool where will allow people to communicate with others through the use of a computer, we had to use regular mail. By using a computer, it will make communications easier and faster between others.

When we think about the technology what we have today, just imagine how can our technology change and improve the education system. When I completed high school, I always wanted to take college but could not leave home. Eventually, I found out that the College of North Atlantic offered courses through distance. Distance education can be thoroughly beneficial to any schools and any course could be develop through distance. When doing courses as a distance level, we do not have to think that students will gain less knowledge from being in a classroom. A classroom course can be deliver the same way through distance.

The distance learning can be delivered in many ways, and I would be able to provide more information in creating a distance education system.

Newfoundland and Labrador