Waterford River Watershed Management Study


As a part of a multi-phased study, we are looking for a researcher to conduct physical inspection of the Waterford River System. This would include a physical inspection of the entire river system so as to identify.
• Areas where the river is being negatively impacted by discharge, erosion or infill. These need to be geo-referenced, described and correction/restoration measures proposed and costs estimated.
•Areas that have been disturbed by industrial or residential development. Landscape and engineering restorative measures are to be proposed with associated cost estimates. Where feasible bio engineering techniques and the use of native plant material are to form the basis of measures to stabilize disturbed slopes and restore the stream edge.
•All in feeds in to the river system via pipes, drains, culverts, etc. These are to be geo referenced and researched as to purpose and originating source and where appropriate elimination measures and associated costs proposed.
•Ecological significant habitat that need to be preserved. These should be mapped and proposed for inclusion in the Open Space Conservation Zones of the three sponsoring municipalities.

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