Dynamic Waste Management - Reduction and Utilization of PVC Coated Polyester Tailings from Air Shelter Manufacturing


Dynamic Air Shelters is an environmentally friendly company and as a result as a growing problem with the buildup of tailings from the manufacturing process. Because no one can determine an environmentally friendly means to get rid of the waste it has been collected in wooden crates for the past 6 years. The company needs to determine a way to reduce the scrap out rate in addition to finding an alternate use or an environmentally friendly way to remove the waste from our site in Grand Bank Newfoundland. Two resolves are required - reduction is amount of waste created and utilization or removal of current and future tailings. The cost for this project is not yet anticipated as we are not sure where to begin. The company is willing to work with a researcher to determine what the project budget should be prior to moving forward.

Grand Bank
Newfoundland and Labrador