Cultural Resource Management Workshop



To develop a workshop, or series of workshops, to give people the skills necessary to become involved in a museum/historical interpretation setting.


Currently, people working in museums or historical societies in small communities often learn about this work through volunteering. While they become very educated through this process, their lack of formal education can cause problems. They sometimes lack credibility in the eyes of others and sometimes themselves; people with vast knowledge about their communities often feel that without formal training they have nothing to contribute.

To combat this problem, a workshop could be organized to train people and build confidence to work in museums in communities. At the very least this would build confidence in people so they feel more able to contribute their knowledge to the community. It could also be a starting point to continue into more formal training.

Roles for Memorial University:

Explore similar training programs in order to assess the possibility of starting something here and to provide information that could be used to organize a workshop

Plan and organize a workshop in cultural resource management

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