What Is Out There? Collecting and Exploring Labour Market Data in Central Newfoundland



To collect regional labour market information consistently and communicate the data in a useful way for the region.


In Central Newfoundland, the Exploits Valley Economic Development Corporation (Zone 12) is looking for a way to collect labour market data and make good use of it. The data must be collected in a way which is consistent and up-to-date to specific local economic conditions within the region. The zone would like to explore how to best communicate, interpret, and make use of the data. For example, the information could assist local entrepreneurs or benefit a student who wishes to train in a specific area appropriate to labour market conditions in the region.

Roles for Memorial University:

Research Zone 12 in terms of labour market data and compile the information on an on-going basis, in a way which is easy to communicate and interpret. There is an additional role of communicating the data to the region/community for use by those who could use the information in a beneficial way.

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