Exploring Regionalism as a Means to Positively Impact Economic Growth and Diversification on the Burin Peninsula


Through its work over the past year in the area of regionalism, the Regional Council identified that one of the benefits of a regional approach is that it has positive impacts on economic development. A region that works together will be much more attractive to businesses considering investing in the region. Removal of the competition between communities for economic development opportunities and marketing the benefits of the entire region as a great place to do business will have a greater positive impact on investors. A cohesive region may also have greater influence on government spending decisions in the region which impact economic growth.

The key question to be explored for this project is:

“How can the Burin Peninsula, as a region, work together to improve economic growth and diversification”

Through the development and implementation of this research project the Regional Council hopes to learn more about the impacts of regionalism and regional cooperation on economic growth and diversification in rural areas/regions. The project would include:
• Identification of successful approaches used in other jurisdictions (worldwide) where regionalism/regional cooperation was used as a means to stimulate/improve or support economic development

• Identification of the critical success factors in these approaches

• An evaluation of the potential of the application of these approaches on the Burin Peninsula including the identification of any critical success factors missing in this region

• Engaging the local business community and relevant economic development stakeholders for their perspectives on regional cooperation and the impacts on economic growth and diversification

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