Recreation Newfoundland and Labrador's Evaluation of the Regional Recreation Directors Program


Recreation Newfoundland and Labrador is a provincial non-profit recreation organization committed to its role in improving the quality of life of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. Recreation Newfoundland and Labrador has a vision of a society that values a clean environment, an active lifestyle for people of all ages and a commitment to provide recreation for all.

The Regional Recreation Directors Program (RRDP) is an assistance program designed to enable communities in underserviced areas of the province to hire a full time Regional Recreation Director. The roles and responsibilities of the Regional Recreation Director is to provide professional recreation support to a number of communities in the development and delivery of recreation, sport, and physical activity services for all citizens. Annual grants, for a three-year period, have been awarded to community groups in four regions of the province to hire a full-time recreation director that will service clusters of three to seven communities.

This RFP is directed to the overall evaluation of the Regional Recreation Directors Program. RNL is seeking a research team (or individual) to design and implement an evaluation framework that addresses all components of the program.

We are seeking a research team to design and conduct a process and outcome evaluation that addresses all components of the Regional Recreation Directors Program, as well as shows and quantifies collective impact of the overall initiative.

It is the intent of RNL to use the outcomes of the Regional Recreation Director Program to inform policy and also to be a major contributor to broader efforts to address building human resource capacity. There are two major areas of evaluation focus:

1.) Monitoring-Information gathered through process measures will serve to monitor whether the program is being implemented as planned, to document obstacles encountered in program implementation, and improve ongoing implementation efforts. These process measures will be collected and analyzed by the Program Management Committee throughout the implementation of the Regional Recreation Directors Program initiative. The Program Management Committee will work in close collaboration with the successful evaluation team.

2.) Outcomes-information gathered through outputs and end results will provide an overall assessment of the initiative`s effectiveness and achievements. It will also help inform future planning and decision-making.

Deliverables include:

1.) Developing an overall evaluation plan that includes ethical considerations, a list of stakeholders, the key process and outcome questions that will be answered by the evaluation design, an outline of the evaluation methods, recommendations of the tools that will be used, and duration, phasing, and timing considerations. Evaluation plan will also include the setting of objectives and indicators for both process and outcome areas.

2.) Developing a logic model that can be used as a management tool to identify progress of planned activities, and the relationships between planned activities and anticipated outcomes.

3.) Developing an evaluation framework that matches each of the planned short-term and intermediate outcomes of the Regional Recreation Directors Program with relevant indicators, methods of data collection, and data sources.

4.) Develop, identify and/or adapt existing data collection tools, data analysis techniques, and a reporting framework.

Evaluation Implementation and Reporting Deliverables include:

• Performing data collection and analysis phases of the evaluation, including but not limited to: proposing sampling techniques, collecting data, analyzing data, and reporting.

• Providing raw data files to RNL in an acceptable format (SPSS and/or Excel)

• Providing reports on progress/results

The proposal format should be no longer than 10 pages, single-spaced. In addition to addressing the requirements above, the submission should include the following:

• Description of the project team undertaking the work, including the CV of the lead investigator and any sub-contracted suppliers

• A detailed work plan

• Brief recap of any similar projects undertaken by the proposal investigator and/or team

• Outline of the overall approach for this project, including project timelines and specifics relating to evaluation design, planning, implementation and reporting

• References and samples of similar work

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