Caribou and Seal Hide Cleaning Heritage Project



To research, document and create finished products from the traditional craft of caribou and seal skin cleaning in Labrador.


The traditional ways of cleaning caribou and seal skins is being lost in Central Labrador. This project proposes to research the history and craft of hide cleaning for the purpose of preservation.

Local Inuit guides would mentor the researcher(s) as they interviewed tradition bearers in the ways of traditional hunting and uses of hides. Then the research would be documented with reports, photographs, videos, etc.

Finally, the research could assist in the development of a new industry of caribou and/or seal products in Central Labrador. These products could be used by local people and in other markets, including tourism. In addition, craft courses and workshops could be held to pass the traditions on to a new generation

Roles for Memorial University:

Research traditional skills and roles in caribou and seal skin cleaning in Labrador and document them for future generations.

There is also a role in developing products which use the hides, and in developing a plan to market these products to local residents, tourists, and beyond the region.

Note: a project proposal has already been developed for this project.

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