Proposal for Research into Intersection of Immigration, Housing and Homelessness


From the Metropolis site:



The intersection between immigration, housing and homelessness is a policy-research area that has been garnering increased attention in Canada. In very practical terms, settlement in Canada begins with housing, be it in the rental or ownership markets. Housing is the base from which newcomers begin their social and economic integration. In the majority of cases, housing facilitates integration. However, more needs to be known about those newcomers for whom housing, and/or the lack of it, is impeding integration. Newcomers in this category include individuals and families living in unaffordable housing, those being forced through income constraints to live in crowded conditions, those who would be homeless except for the support provided by family and friends, and those who are living in unsafe and/or unhealthy conditions. There are others, however, whose housing situation deteriorates to the point of homelessness. Research has repeatedly shown that the newcomers to Canada most at risk of living in such conditions are refugees and asylum-seekers.

Exploratory studies on intersections between immigration and homelessness in metropolitan areas ($125,000 total; individual proposal maximum of $20,000)

A total not to exceed $125,000 has been allocated for exploratory studies on the intersections between immigration and homelessness. Individual proposals will be funded to a maximum of $20,000 each.

Research Theme: Applicants are invited to submit proposals for studies exploring the factors which explain newcomer homelessness in Canadian cities. Researchers may wish to determine whether these factors are common across newcomer groups, and whether specific groups are at an increased risk of homelessness. Applicants are welcome to address other questions and dimensions related to this research theme. In particular, researchers are encouraged to explore the extent of homelessness amongst newcomers in Quebec’s cities, the major explanatory factors for newcomer homelessness, and if/how these factors differ from homelessness in other Canadian cities.

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