Attracting Immigrants to Rural Communities with Francophone Population



To create an immigration plan to attract people to rural communities with Francophone populations


Finding skilled workers is becoming more of a problem in Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as throughout the country. Coming up with ways to attract people to the province from other places is a valuable strategy for meeting skilled labour needs in the province. However, in order to attract people who speak French, particular attention needs to be paid to a strategy that would appeal to them. Because most information is geared toward English speakers, people who speak French may not know what opportunities there are for them and that bilingual services are available. A strategy for attracting French speaking people should be implemented that would address their specific concerns.

Roles for Memorial University:

Create information packages and presentations that are geared toward drawing Francophone workers to the province. These should include information that would specifically address the issues and concerns of the Francophone population in the hopes that this would help them see what opportunities are here and feel more comfortable coming to Newfoundland.

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