Identity as Kitsch: Music and Material in the Landscape of Newfoundland-Ontarian ‘Outports.’

Lay Summary 

With its thousands of expatriate Newfoundlanders and dozens of Newfoundland businesses, southern Ontario is an idyllic scene for the study of the transformation of cultural heritage within a world in which there is considerable migration from place to place and, consequently, global cultural interaction.

While the life of the Newfoundland-Ontarian community is largely invisible to mainland neighbours, examples of Newfoundland identity blanket the landscape for those who recognize the symbol systems (in particular, those involving material culture – or physical objects – and music) that Newfoundlanders use to represent Newfoundland. Such representations of Newfoundland identity create a sense of place and empowerment for a community that continually resents its displacement.

Published in: Newfoundland Studies, v.22, no.1, p. 51-73, 2007

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1 Jan 2007